Seeds of Hemp

Among the non-resinous varieties of Hemp, dioecious plants (used to make nutritional oil from seeds and industrial products and for body care) have a higher density of trichomes than the mono hemp plants used to obtain fibers.

The oil from the Hemp seeds is not the same oil rich in Sera Labs CBD Oil extracted from the flowers and leaves of the plant. The oil obtained from the seeds of Hemp does not contain CBD, nor THC, nor cannabinoids that is known, but it is excellent for making varnish, paint, soap, food supplements and much more.

From the beginning, the Federals assumed that the resin content was the key factor to differentiate Marijuana from industrial hemp. Today, federal law includes a recently added warning that officially characterizes industrial hemp saying that it must contain no more than 0.3% THC in dry weight. This low amount of THC would not produce an euphoric (Sera Labs CBD Oil ) effect.

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