Body to heal itself

In addition, a drug has a follow-up after its launch to the market that tries to detect any incident that might arise and that had not been foreseen by the previous safety studies AmbroSina SkinCare, to be able to act on time and withdraw the medication if necessary.

We also have a whole regulation about what we can say about a product to sell it, and so for example the food industry has had to comply with the regulations to not be accused of selling things under false promises such as improve your defenses , Helps not to get fat, etc, although it can declare source of antioxidants.

But when we come to the industry of dietary supplements and alternative therapies, anything goes. From the one that sells you a sugar pill AmbroSina SkinCare, promising you that in that way it helps your body to heal itself, to the one that puts your energetic flows in their place by showing you the palms of your hand.

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