Bleaching agent in them

In the following appointment you will be given the first ambulatory kit, which will consist of the splints and some syringes that facilitate the placement of the bleaching agent in them. Remember that, for the treatment to be effective Denta Seal Review, you must put them on your mouth for at least 4 or 5 hours a day.

After approximately 15 days, you should go to the clinic to perform the cold light lamp session. Its duration is approximately 45 minutes. After the same, we will give you the second ambulatory kit that you will have to use during the next fortnight.

Finally, you must attend a record-keeping appointment in which the specialist will assess the results obtained after the procedure Denta Seal Review. Thanks to this method it is possible to clarify more tones the enamel and, in addition, a greater durability of the results is guaranteed.

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